Hi, I'm Brad!

Head Trainer and Owner of Great Off Leash Dog Training 

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My Story

Throughout my entire childhood, and even into my adult years, I have always had a canine companion. Growing up, we added lab mix, Cleo to the mix. She was apart of my life for the first 8 years, and I can’t recall a memory she didn’t play an important role in. After the loss of our beloved Cleo, we welcomed another family member, “Yankee”, a rat terrier. With an understanding of the breed being a “circus” dog, I started teaching “Yankee” (who I named) basic and advanced commands at the young age of just 10 years old. Commands such as come, sit, stay, lie down, roll over and twirl. Little did I know, I was communicating and reading this dog at a very young age. Not thinking much of it, life went on. As I finished up college, I began searching for different opportunities that would allow me to use my business degree and work with dogs at the same time. Grateful for my time at Xerox Corporation and Global Spectrum - I now had 4 years of real life business experience under my belt but now what?


After 4 years of working behind a desk I finally decided to pursue my passion for dogs. In 2016 I traveled across the country for 3 weeks to observe, handle and train canines. At the age of 27, I finally found my passion and couldn't believe how rewarding it was. However, as time went on, I couldn't believe what I had gotten myself into with this particular group of people. Motivated by the flaws and with no where to go, I cut ties and started Great Off Leash Dog Training, llc from my parents house. That's right. I followed NIKE’s motto of “Just Do It” and let’s just put it this way. I did it. In just 5 years, I became Upstate New York’s Top Rated Individual Off Leash Dog Trainer (by googles standards).


I trained every dog I could get my hands on, essentially for free. Upon proving myself over and over (and ruining my parents’ house) with dogs from all over the northeast, I finally had enough people calling me to get my own place. 


From here, I had more space, knowledge, motivation and confidence than ever before. There wasn't a friendly dog I couldn't train. Self taught and on my own, I developed 3 different dog training programs which tailored to my clients needs and availability.


As time went on, my clients asked if I could board their dogs. This became an absolute no brainer for me as I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my trainees. I loved these dogs so much and was honored to be given the opportunity.


For 6 years straight all I did was eat, breathe and sleep dogs. From a social butterfly to a dog training introvert, I devoted this part my life to building the GOLD LIFE. The Great Off Leash Dog Life refers to my niche which is giving my clients control of their dogs without a leash, regardless of distractions, everything from etiquette to an array of commands.  Upon   From boarding for my past clients, to “9-5” canines, to private lessons and board and trains I worked with, cared for, and trained over 1,000 canines of all age, breed and sizes. A day didn’t go by without a dog. And if it did, I was lonely. This is how I got so good at reading, communicating and training dogs. I had come to realize this was not just a career, it was a lifestyle. It was an art. For 6 years straight all I did was eat, breathe and sleep dogs