Frequently Asked Questions
Although services at G.O.L.D (Great Off Leash Dog) Training are generally tailored to each client’s specific needs, there are some questions that come up again and again as owners decide if we are right for them, or what type of dog training best suits their needs.

Read on and find out if there’s already an answer to your questions. If there is anything you’re still wondering about or unsure of, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
What is Great Off Leash Dog Training?
G.O.L.D Training provides intense and rigorous dog training with the goal of teaching your dog to no longer need a leash, truly giving the owner control of their dog and its behavior. We understand that every relationship and situation is different, which is why we recognize that each dog might need a different amount of time to become fully trained. To do so, our dog trainers offer in-home private lessons to achieve the best results efficiently and effectively. Tailoring your dog's needs is our number one priority. As a result, Brad Cranston, owner, and head trainer provides unrestricted lesson times and tune-ups as needed until expectations are met and exceeded.
What is an E-Collar?
An E-collar is a safe, reliable, and effective collar for your dog that provides communication between the owner and their dog through the lowest levels of corrective stimulus. The remote will improve your dog’s behavior and ease stress during the training period. G.O.L.D Training proudly uses the Mini Educator ½-Mile ET-300, designed by E-collar Technologies, which uses an established collaboration of dog training professionals with over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing dog-training collars. The mini Educator ET-300 is a ½-mile remote trainer compiled of nifty features, making it the most humane and effective dog-training collar offered.
Do I need to purchase my own e-collar?
NO! all E-collars are FREE and are already included in your Great Off Leash Dog Training package. We also provide free consulting, advising, and training to ensure you have total control of your dog for the rest of its life — WITHOUT A LEASH! Each dog-training package will come with the ET-300 Mini Educator ($200 value). This package includes 1 waterproof collar receiver, 1 waterproof floating remote, an extra set of contact points, 1 dual remote/collar 120v charger, owner’s manual, 1 lanyard, a storage box, two-year warranty, and free consulting from your trainer.
Is the e-collar waterproof and shock resistant?
Of course! We all know how much some dogs love water and how hot it gets in the summer. E-collar Technologies uses advanced technology to assure waterproofing up to 500 feet for both the collar receiver and remote transmitter. All of the remotes are shock-resistant and will even float to prevent loss during water activities.

We want to ensure all of our dogs can be free and unleashed, but still under control during all conditions - whether it's swim time or a passing shower. Did we mention there's also a built-in flashlight? Whether you're camping or simply taking a late-night stroll, your pooch will have a built-in strobe effect and regular flash-mode  collar.
Does my dog have to wear the e-collar at all times?
No, the collar should be taken off at night and/or when nobody is communicating with your pooch. In fact, most find themselves not using the e-collar inside the house after just a few months of training. We do want to ensure your dog stays consistent, even after training, so we recommend having the collar on whenever you take the dog out of the house or are communicating with them for more than a few minutes. Generally speaking, the collar should always be on if you intend to take your dog off-leash in public. It's very important to stay consistent with your dog trainer’s advice after your dog has been trained. This remote will become you and your dog’s new best friend!
Will the e-collar hurt my dog?
No. By combining our low-level and positive training techniques with the “blunt” stimulation of the e-collar, your dog will experience “taps” similar to a muscle reflex stimulation. Our stimulus is similar to muscle stimulators used by doctors to build muscles, alleviate muscle spasms, and increase range of motion. We support proper use and promote the most humane training tools and methods in the industry to create success for each dog and its owners. All of the e-collar products are made in the USA and go through several tests to ensure your dog’s safety.
What package should I choose and will it affect my dog's final results?
Results and expectations are extremely important to us. Therefore, we assure all our clients of the same exceptional results, regardless of the package booked. Our packages have been carefully thought out and are created in a way tailored to everybody’s needs, regardless of their budget, location, or schedule. Whether you want to be heavily involved or don’t have as much time, we have a perfect package to fit your needs.