Dog Training 
Great Off Leash Dog Training is a one-of-a-kind, top-rated dog training program that guarantees dog owners control of their canines with and without a leash. Lessons include everything from etiquette to an array of commands.
Here are some techniques you can expect your dog to learn when training begins:
~Walk in heel off-leash~
~Walk in heel on leash~
~Being non-reactive around other dogs, people, and new situations~
~The “Great!” command~
G.O.L.D Dogs in "Place"
Here at G.O.L.D training, we believe it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Our goal is to provide a long-lasting impact through freedom-reward-based training, done through tailor-made services designed with you and your pet in mind. We believe in working as much with you, the owner, as your pet, to ensure productive results.
Brad Cranston with Cookie in "Heel" off-leash
Brad Cranston, Head Trainer, and Owner of G.O.L.D Training has been helping pet owners make positive changes in their pet's habits for 7 years. His flawless success rate and client satisfaction are his greatest source of pride. 
Brad Cranston with Six dogs in "Sit" off-leash
Regardless of age, breed, or size, our training is extremely important. We will continue to work with clients until all owners have control without a leash – with everything from etiquette to an array of commands. Expectations are to be met without a leash regardless of distractions. No treats. 
Cookie off-leash in Congress Park, Saratoga
Private lessons are customized to fit your needs and particular pain points. Unlike any other trainers in the area, G.O.L.D provides unrestricted lesson times with one goal in mind – to get as much out of our dogs (and clients) as we can, through each session, in a natural fashion. From busy parks to home improvement stores, to working around clients' homes, our training is meant for those looking for real life training. 
"Give Thy Dog Freedom and Respect and Thy Dog Shall Show back"
- Brad Cranston (Owner | Head Trainer)