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We’re here to help you navigate through the many challenges of having a pet. From impulse control to basic obedience commands, our trainers assist dog owners every step of the way. Brad Cranston, Owner and Head Trainer, makes sure to give each client and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve.

Check out what’s being said about Brad and Great Off Leash Dog Training, ranked Google's top dog trainer in Upstate New York.
"Teddy the Labradoodle"
Having Teddy (2-year-old labradoodle) and our family trained by Brad has been life changing! Wish we would have done it a year sooner. Teddy went from being a nervous dog, chasing walkers down our street / the ultimate food stealer to now a confident dog we can have off leash in public or in the neighborhood. It’s still hard to believe how quickly we learned how to effectively communicate with him. Love having him run around off leash and enjoying that freedom. Walking past people / other dogs with him heeling off leash and hearing “wow he is such a good dog” is something I thought we would never hear about him before this experience! I can certainly say it was well worth the investment and improves the quality of both his life and ours for years to come. Thanks Brad!
Just do it! If you are on the fence about whether to invest in training your dog with Brad’s expert assistance and guidance, don’t hesitate a moment longer. Brad is a true dog lover and will treat your dog like family while at the same time creating the structure and discipline your beloved family member needs to interact well with other dogs, people and new environments. You will enjoy your dog’s company more and they will enjoy your company more when they know what is expected and what they can expect from you. It takes a commitment on your part to do the training consistently and patiently and it is well worth the time and money. I can’t say enough great things about Brad and his mission to make all dogs “Great off Leash”.
Claire Wood
Brad helped us train our one year old Vizsla, Gill, to be reliable off leash amongst very strong distractions. Before Brad, we were using the e-collar but not in the correct way and were really struggling to find a way to get Gill to stop pulling and also have him pay attention to us (he’s very easily distracted by scents and animals!). We wanted to enjoy our time with our best guy instead of getting frustrated! Brad showed us the techniques to get Gill to heel all the time even off leash and also have him come back to us and pay attention on hiking trails with very heavy distractions. Brad’s training completely transformed our relationship with Gill and opened so many opportunities for fun times with him in the future! I can’t recommend Brad enough! He’s patient, kind and really tailors the training technique to your dog. Thank you Brad!!!
I chose to have my dog work with Brad due to his excellent reputation and how well he works with dogs. This has been true during my entire experience with Brad. He remained very professional and was very knowledgeable about different breeds, their behaviors, etc. Brad treated my dog as if it were his own! Better yet, after only 4 lessons, my dog is now well mannered and I get so many compliments on it! Brad will bring out the best in your dog and educate you to do the same! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Rebecca Clearwater
"A Miracle Worker"
If I could give 100 stars I would. Brad is a miracle worker. I found Great Off Leash Dog Training from a friend of mine when she posted her dogs transformation on Facebook. We were originally going down the road to install an electric fence for our 6 month old puppy at our house so he could run around. We soon realized that while the fence would be great at home it wouldn't help us when we took our dog off our property. We decided to give Brad a chance to train Tucker so he could enjoy running off leash without running away from us from wherever we might go. Well Tucker can do that and more. From sitting to healing to coming on command Tucker enjoys his new found freedom from off the leash.10 days ago, Tucker would have taken off on us if off leash or starred at us like we were crazy because we were asking him to come. Brad, thank you so much for taking care of Tucker like he was your own. We are forever grateful! Jen and Steve Carron
Jennifer and Steve Caron
"Made Our Lives Better!"
Friends of mine recommended Brad and Great Off Leash Dog Training to me I was VERY indecisive about sending Thráin (my baby boy) for off leash training and I went back and forth at least 3 times and I'm grateful that Brad put up with my anxieties about sending my dog for 2 weeks for his board and train program because I couldn't be happier with the results! Brad sent videos and pictures and was in constant contact with me over the course of 2 weeks ensuring that my boy was in in great hands! Not only did he care for my dog like his own but he provided exceptional training and left me feeling very comfortable with his training techniques to remain consistent for Thráin! Furthermore, he was beyond accommodating by picking my dog up and dropping him off 3 hours away from his home!! I'm thankful that I was able to fully trust someone to care for my dog and give him the necessary tools to make our lives better!
Hilary Parzych
"Artie is treated like a King"
Brad started working with my dog, Artie about 18 months ago. Before we started working with Brad, Artie would constantly bark for what seemed like no reason, demanded attention and did what he wanted when he wanted. He was a menace and all the training in the world didn't seem to make a difference. After hearing about GOLD I decided to give it a try and i'm glad I did. Within 1 week Artie turned from Dennis the Menace to a well mannered gentlemen. Every time we catch up with Brad for a refresher session or walk in the park Artie gets so excited to see him. Additionally, when Artie stays with Brad while we are away I know he feels at home and is treated like a king. I highly recommend GOLD to anybody who is looking for a trainer for their dog.
Ashley Hallenbeck
"A Whole New Dog"
A previous co-worker of mine referred us to Brad in order to tame our crazy little lab/ jack Russell mix, Prim. Before Brad and Great Off Leash Dog Training, Prim was such a good girl at home and in her own yard; but, when we left the safety of our own home she turned into a psycho! She would dart away the second she didn’t feel tension on her leash, jump on people, tug like crazy and totally forget her name and her family— she wanted to see the world and had no boundaries. Due to these behaviors, she missed out on a lot of adventures like hiking and swimming because we couldn’t trust her. Thanks to Brad she will no longer miss out- she is like a whole new dog! Since training we can trust her on/off leash with heavy distractions.
After session 1 Prim loved Brad. She would get so excited to see him for each session and she instantly respected him. He was able to get my wanna he sled dog “heeling” in 30 minutes! Amazing! I would recommend Great Off Leash Dog Training to anyone with an unruly dog. Thanks for everything Brad!
Kayla Rouse
"Part of the Family"
Our German Shepherds,Dustin and Jenna came home Friday morning from Great Off Leash Dog Training, LLC ! They are doing so good and we are learning how to be consistent with their training. It is a work in progress but I am amazed at the results! We were so impressed, we sent Dylan, our Border Collie, and he was a star in training! They are all still active puppies but much more behaved now (sometimes with a little help)! Brad is such a wonderful trainer and they love him as was evidenced by when he came to pick up our Border Collie, Dylan, the Shepherds were extremely excited to see him and wanted to get in his car with him! He is going to keep doing training with us until he is satisfied that we know what we are doing! That is real commitment and caring! Brad is now a part of our family and we are so blessed to have found him!